KUNOMAIL for Windows

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Take part in the KuNoMAIL Affiliate Program (commission)

Due to numerous inquiries and customer requests, we are currently preparing the possibility that you can install the download of KuNoMAIL via a link on your website. The best thing about it, for every download that is converted into a full version license via this link, you will receive a cashback in the amount of 3.50€ from us as a thank you.


What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate systems are based on the commission commission principle. The product provider provides advertising material that the affiliate uses on his website or can use other channels such as keyword advertising or email marketing.


How can I participate? What should I do?

It is really easy to become a KuNoMAIL affiliate. Here is a step by step guide:
1. Log into your online account
2. if not yet available, enter your billing information
3. Activate the affiliate option below your customer data
4. You will now see your personal affiliate link, which you can:
   - place on your website
   - publish on your Facebook account
   - Include in your emails as a signature / email conclusion


We provide you with a special sales page.

We have prepared a special KuNoMAIL Affiliate sales page for you. With this Sales page you only need a link to start immediately. This link will give you in your online account below your customer data when you activate the affiliate option.

click here to go to the affiliate preview page


Feel free to use one or more KuNoMAIL logos.

We provide you with different logos. You can use these freely within the affiliate program. With the HTML option you get the right HTML code for your website or email.