We have great news for you guys!

Here and today you will get your first impressions of the "new" KUNOMAIL.

Please watch the following video and let us surprise you. continue to the video on YouTube

We have used the last few weeks and months intensively to review the errors & Fix problems. There will be a very big update (upgrade) and we would like to give you first information about the upcoming KUNOMAIL version today and here.

  • When will the update be released?
    • We are currently at the final stage and are preparing the official test phase. If you want, you can download a pre-installation of the new KUNOMAIL. We will publish more information on this in the next newsletter. The UPDATE / UPGRADE of the New KUNOMAIL version will be available for you.
  • What will be included in the update?
      • a completely redesigned user interface with 3 different views
      • the representation of the user interface can be completely customized and saved
      • For customers with poor eyesight, we have enabled a completely enlarged display of the KUNOMAIL user interface
      • there is no longer any time delay in retrieving e-mails and displaying them
      • Getting, deleting, moving and marking as read email now works completely without delay
  • Is the update / upgrade free?
    • The update is completely free for all holders of a KUNOMAIL license. As a new installation, a license for further use is required after a test phase.
  • Can I continue to use my previous KUNOMAIL version?
    • The update / upgrade installs your new KUNOMAIL alongside the previous KUNOMAIL version (if available). Both versions can be used in parallel.
  • Will my data and settings be retained?
    • All personal data such as e-mails, account settings, favorites and the KUNOMAIL user settings are retained and can be imported into the new KUNOMAIL. With this update, we enable seamless continued use with your new KUNOMAIL.

Here are first impressions of the user interface (click image to enlarge).

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Thank you and greetings from Berlin
Your KUNOMAIL team

Franciska, David & Christian

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